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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Monster 200" Ohio Whitetail

Yesterday I talked to my friend Matt, you know Matt from Ohio, on his way out for his evening hunt. He owns Ohio Homes and Acres and specializes in selling hunting land. When he was out with me in January hunting javelina and mule deer, he injured his hand (see the post here). That injury masked a problem with his elbow that required surgery a couple months ago. Because of his elbow surgery, he could not hunt with a compound bow, his preferred method, so he picked up a crossbow.

He grew up hunting the urban/suburban areas near Columbus, OH, and has made it an art form. He told me that he was definitely hunting yesterday because the wind was "almost wrong for me and almost right for the deer." He has found over the years that that's the best time to kill big bucks. Oh, how right he is!

He had been watching a nice nine-point all year and elected to pass him a few times in hopes of shooting a monster. His dreams came true as a huge 18-point, nearly 200" buck, stepped in front of him. Matt kept his composure and made a great 27-yard shot with his Excaliber crossbow. Luckily, he also got some great photos on his Moultrie game camera.

Here is the text from Matt's email:

I have had a trying and turbulent year to say the least. I have had two surgeries with the last one repairing the Ulnar nerve in my elbow. It has also left me unable to shoot my compound bow for the rest of the season, which has been discouraging.

With the great help of my wife I have recovered enough to get out there! With the help of Jeff Baker and Steve Esker I was successful while out there!

Once Steve heard of me loosing function in my left hand and the surgery, he immediately called and offered his Excaliber crossbow to use. I have known him only a SHORT time (met in August). Who does this kind of thing? Hunter's are awesome; his brother Scott and friends were all there to help me celibrate tonight.

Jeff Baker and I have hunted together for 26 years +/-; he has been a great mentor and friend. He was killing big deer before it was popular! He immediately came and got me while still in a cast and drug me out to the woods to set up an elevated blind. It sits below the lock-on I intended to use before I learned of my fate this fall.

Seven weeks of trail cam pics with no giants, but we all knew one was here. Tonight I had a wind that was almost wrong for me and almost right for him, my favorite wind to hunt. With the next two days with wind just wrong I knew tonight was my night. After a parade of pedestrians and dogs the woods started to settle. A few minutes later this bruiser gave me a 27-yard shot that I gladly took. Everything played out perfectly and I am now knocking on the door of the 200 club!!

Exhausted, more later, thanks to all that helped!!

Congrats Matt!! Thanks for sharing it with me and letting me post it here...

Matt Sheterom's 18-point, 200" (est.) Ohio Whitetail