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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

AZ Desert Bighorn Sheep - Scouting Part 2

On the second day I joined my brother Erik to scout for his upcoming desert bighorn hunt, we rode our ATVs to the edge of the wilderness area, and then hiked in to a glassing point. We didn't find any sheep that day, but saw a ton of great country and learned how to access it. One of the main goals of scouting is just that - learn the country so you know how long it takes to get into different places, and what you'll see once you get there.

Swarovski 15s and a map - you won't find Erik without either until he kills his ram!

 Sheep beds on a high mesa.

 Cholla and black rocks make up much of the unit.

 Digiscoping is a great way to document any sheep you find, and works best with high-end spotting scopes like the Swarovski ATM 80mm HD.

 No sheep this day, but a good chance to practice digiscoping - both photos and video.

 Desert beauty in the form of barrel cactus, cholla, and saguaro, along with a palo verde tree.

 It's a crazy landscape where cactus grow out of rocks.

Does the mark in the saguaro look familiar? Maybe like the outline of a ram's horn?
Sometimes rams take out their aggression on saguaros instead of each other...

It's rough, big country!

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