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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

AZ Desert Bighorn Sheep - Scouting Part 4

Family Day! With my mom, step-dad, and nephews in camp, we decided to take them back to where Jay and I found sheep the day before. None of them had glassed any desert bighorns in the wild before, so we wanted to make sure they saw some.

We got to our glassing knob just after sunrise on an overcast day. After nearly an hour of intense glassing, the same group of seven sheep finally stood up from their beds under a couple palo verde trees. They hadn't moved more than about five yards from where Jay and I last saw them the day before. At more than three miles away, I was hard-pressed to see them in my Swarovski 15s, but once we put the spotting scopes on them, everyone could take a look.

There is nothing cooler than showing wildlife to your family! With high-end optics, you can sit back without worrying about spooking game and still give them a close-up view. While we were glassing the boys were throwing rocks, investigating a pack rat midden, and generally having a great time in the desert.

 Headin' to our glassing spot.

 Erik's youngest son Rafe checking out the sheep.

 My mom using my Outdoorsmans Dual Mount. It allows you to point your binoculars and spotting scope to the same spot, which means you don't have to replace your binoculars with your spotting scope every time you need a closer look. It only weighs 19 ounces and is one of the handiest pieces of gear I have.

 A couple who glasses together stays together!

 The Swarovski STM 80 with 20-60 eyepiece gives the best combination of quality and weight in a spotting scope.

 Three miles is a long way!

 Rafe having fun in the desert!

 Erik showing the sheep to Mom and Teague.


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