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Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Dreams: Saltwater Fly Fishing and More Part III

Our Hawaii vacation was more than just a fishing trip. Nichole and I celebrated our fifth anniversary and our “babymoon.” It was our last big vacation before Mattox arrived! We spent a week on Kauai, home to more chickens than you can imagine. Our timeshare had an awesome view of the harbor, and its location in Lihue gave us easy access to all parts of the island. We hiked, kayaked, surfed, fished, read on the beach, went to a luau, explored the island, and ate awesome local food including laulau, saimin, and shave ice. One staple of our diet for the week was the huge avocados, nearly four times the size of what we find in grocery stores on the mainland. It was one of our most relaxing trips, even considering the one safety inspection I had to complete while there!

This wraps up my winter dreaming... I know I am a little warmer inside, and I hope you are, too!