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Friday, February 25, 2011

Pursuit Channel Now on Dish Network

I was enlightened today… the Pursuit Channel is now part of the basic package for all Dish Network subscribers. I thought Pursuit was only available on cable networks and DirecTV, but if you have Dish Network, tune to channel 240.

With my Dish Network package, I now can watch Versus, Outdoor Channel, Sportsman’s Channel, and Pursuit Channel. There is also still a little outdoor programming on ESPN and occasionally on FOX. With that many channels showing hunting and fishing shows there will never be a shortage of things to watch.

I recognize a couple programs on the Pursuit Channel such as Obsession Revealed and Wingshooting USA and I’m excited to watch some shows I haven’t watched such as TNT Outdoor Explosion and MOJO Outdoors.

Check out Pursuit on Dish Network channel 240 or DirecTV channel 608. Both use the four-letter call name HUNT. If you get cable, just check with your local provider.