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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Now I Can Count My Friends

If starting a blog wasn't enough, I decided to open a Facebook page, too. Since I don’t know about these things, I was surprised to already have over 50 friends in just two days, and I haven’t even plugged in my email address list yet. I will only “friend” people I know, and hope to use it as just another networking tool.

With a whole two days of Facebook experience under my belt, I am already surprised by the things people say. I understand that there a lot of people in this world with strong convictions and opinions; I just don’t understand why they think I care. I don’t want to alienate myself from my “friends,” but talk about vitriol! Holy cow! If I said some of the same things to my wife in the privacy of our own home, I would not only be embarrassed, but probably strung up by her, too. There is just no need to be rude, whether in person, anonymously, or on Facebook.

Maybe after a couple weeks I’ll lighten up. For now, I remain in shock.

Please, if I ever get too high and mighty, or stand on my soapbox too long, let me know. I want to share my thoughts and opinions, but I never want anyone to consider me rude or condescending…

On that note, search for me on Facebook. If I know you, I just might “friend” you and I promise not to embarrass you!