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Friday, January 28, 2011

Gear Review: Lynch’s Fool-Proof Turkey Call

When I started hunting turkeys a couple years ago, I asked around for opinions on box calls. Since there are so many options from so many companies, I didn’t even know where to start. Without fail, the hunters I trust all suggested Lynch’s Fool-Proof Turkey Call.

The Lynch’s call came highly recommended.

Two guys in particular, Jay Scott from Arizona and Matt Sheterom from Ohio, have killed more birds, and guided or helped on more turkey hunts than they can count. They both play the call like a violin maestro and I’ve watched them use it to locate birds, and then sweetly coax them into shotgun range. It doesn’t matter whether I was hunting Merriam’s in Arizona or Easterns in Ohio, the birds reacted to their calling just the same. I am probably one of the worst turkey hunting friends ever: I shot the wrong bird with Matt, shooting the jake instead of the tom, and then with Jay I wasn’t patient enough to let a big strutting Merriam's tom get closer. I took the shot too soon and knocked the bird off his keester, but he jumped up and ran off.

The Lynch’s Fool-Proof Turkey Call works just as well in the pinyon-juniper forests of Arizona…

…as the hardwood forests of Ohio.

My turkey hunting and calling skills may be lacking, but with the confidence of a good call and the help of a couple turkey hunting gurus, I have managed to take a couple birds. I drew another tag here in Arizona (yes, we have to DRAW our turkeys tags here!) so I hope for the opportunity to outsmart another wily Merriam’s. As I prepare for this year’s hunt, you can bet I’ll be on the phone with both Jay and Matt, perfecting my cadence, rhythm, tone, and volume. There is nothing better for learning and perfecting your calls than letting a couple good callers critique you.

One helpful hint Jay gave me: use Lynch’s Super Chalk, but only apply it to the lid!

Arizona Merriam’s from the Fort Apache Indian Reservation.

Even though I shot the wrong bird, both Matt and I were proud of my first Eastern from Ohio!