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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gear Review - Garmin GPSMAPS 62st

My old GPS is so old that I don't even own a computer that I can plug it into. I figured it was time for an upgrade! After much research, I chose the Garmin GPSMAPS 62st.

The 62st has the 1:100k base map for the entire U.S., which I think I will find valuable throughout my travels. To determine property boundaries with 1:24k topo maps, I decided to get the Hunting GPS Maps card for Colorado, and then add other states as necessary. I couldn't be happier with my choice!

I really like the size and shape of the 62st. It isn't so small that it hard to handle, but it's not so heavy and bulky that I feel like I should leave it in the pickup. I especially like the buttons instead of the touchscreen because I consistently use my GPS with gloves on. I didn't want to risk having to take off my gloves to be able to use it easily. The controls are very intuitive, although I haven't found a good way to "wake it up" in the only complaint!

All said and done, the combination of the high-intensity antenna, ergonomic shape and design, handy buttons, and the additional Colorado map from Hunting GPS Maps make the Garmin GPSMAPS 62st the very best GPS I could have chosen for hunting in the West. With this tool I have the confidence to go where I've never been, and get back out safely again.