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Have you ever come home from a hunt with a week’s worth of memories,
but only a few bloody photos to show for it?

Hunting involves far more than the kill but, more often than not, when you get back from a hunting trip  the only tangible things you have to show your friends and family are your trophy and some photos of you with your animal. You try to describe the gorgeous sunsets you experienced or all the other wildlife you saw, but you just can't do them justice. Maybe the lodging was exquisite or the cook made an awesome meal over an open fire. Maybe you took the time to dig out your point-and-shoot camera for a few snapshots, but how do you explain all your experiences to someone so they can get a real sense of your trip? How about a professional-quality photo book containing images from your excursion?

As a hunter and a photographer, some of my most prized possessions are the pictures of me as a youngster enjoying the outdoors with my family. Over the last 30+ years, I have documented my own hunts with photography and now offer the service to you.

I will join you on your hunting trip, whether a one-day foray for pheasants or a week-long trip with a once-in-a-lifetime big game tag. I will accompany you in the field and while at camp, capturing photos of all the activities.

After the trip, I will create a professional-quality photo book containing images from your excursion; something you will be proud to show your friends and leave on the coffee table for all to see. The book will contain your memories, from the landscapes to the details and from the guides to the grip-n-grin photos. The photographs will also be available as prints.

As a former big game, bird hunting, and fly fishing guide, I know how to handle myself in the field. My actions will not adversely affect the outcome of your trip, only provide you with a visual record to supplement your memories. With the book in hand, you will be able to show everyone just how wonderful your trip really was!

Please contact me at for information, details, scheduling, and pricing.


Brush Creek Ranch Mule Deer Hunt 2010

WMAT Turkey Hunt 2010

As a freelance outdoor writer, I use my nearly 40 years of experience hunting, shooting, and fishing as a basis for describing my adventures. Showing an early aptitude for the written word, I finally followed my childhood dreams and have been writing professionally since 2003.

Most of my writing appeared in Western Hunter, a magazine dedicated to the gear, tactics, information, and adventure of big game hunting in the western U.S., western Canada, and Mexico. As the Senior Editor, I wrote a column, product reviews, and feature stories.

In addition to Western Hunter, my words have appeared in Range, Colorado Hunter, Rocky Mountain Game & Fish, and The Huntin' Fool.

I am always on the lookout for new destinations, new products, and new ideas to write about. If you are in the need of an accomplished and experienced writer, please contact me directly at

With an eye for detail and a particular knack for allowing the original writer's voice to permeate while still keeping the flair of the outdoor experience, I can improve the writing found on websites, brochures, advertisements, articles, etc. I focus on the outdoor recreation industry because of my experience as the Senior Editor of Western Hunter where I proofread and edited all content within the magazine. However, I am available to help in other fields, too. For more information, please contact me directly at

(Within MS Word documents, I will provide both my "RED" version showing
proofing and editing marks, as well as my "NO RED" version; the finished product.)

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