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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Unhuntable Moose

Back in 1978, the Colorado Division of Wildlife (now Colorado Parks and Wildlife) reintroduced Shiras moose into northern Colorado, and after supplemental releases across the state and satisfactory population growth, the Department started issuing hunting licenses.

While in college, I worked for the USFS in northern Colorado and routinely saw moose throughout the Laramie River Valley and Rawah Wilderness. However, prior to that I hunted and fished throughout the upper Poudre Canyon area and never saw any moose.

Last week, as I drove back to Ft. Collins from Steamboat, I spotted a nice bull just off the highway on the top of Cameron Pass. There is no hunting within a 1/4 mile of Highway 14, so as long as he stays close to the road without being hit by a vehicle, he'll live a long, healthy life.

One of these days I hope to draw a tag for either the area I first grew up hunting, or the Rawahs where I worked for the USFS. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy watching and photographing any moose I find...  hope you enjoy the photos!