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Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm No Longer Unemployed!

Actually, I was never officially unemployed because I own my own business, but now I officially have a new job!

On September 12th, I start work as an Independent Sales Representative for The Evans Group.

I am very excited about the lines I'll be selling:

I'll be calling on gun shops, hunting stores, fly fishing shops, online retailers, uniform stores, semi-custom gunmakers, and many others. My territory will cover Colorado, New Mexico, and parts of southern Wyoming.

That last bit of info may come as a surprise to some because it requires that I relocate my family to Colorado. Hopefully my home state will welcome us back with open arms! We're thinking about the Castle Rock area, but still have two houses and a business to sell in Arizona before we move. Keep your fingers crossed that it all goes quickly and smoothly...