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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Eyes and Rocks Don't Mix

If you get a chance to have a rock imbedded in your eyelid, I suggest you pass.

It happened to me over Easter weekend, but I have no idea how. It might have been at my nephew's baseball game or possibly the Echeverria Famliy Picnic. It's not like I was riding the quad or doing it doggie-style... you know, hanging your head out the window of your pickup while driving down the freeway! Ha!

I thought it was just an irritation from my contacts so I waited until Wednesday to see my eye doctor, Dr. Todd Geiler. He happens to be one of my friends who also hunts and shoots, so he knows how much I value my sight. He said the tiny pebble was "like a boulder" in eye terms.

He put me on two topical antibiotics for 10 days to fight the accompanying infection, but when I went back yesterday, it hadn't cleared up. In addition, there is still a divot in my eyelid where the rock was lodged... so now it's 14 more days days of antibiotics, this time by mouth.

The one saving grace was that after the appointment Nichole, Mattox, and I went out to supper with Todd and his wife Leisa. Sometimes it takes a little suffering to realize some enjoyment, but I would rather have just met up with them on non-rock-lodged-in-my-eylid circumstances.