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Monday, March 7, 2011

Brush Creek Bombers: A Sneak Preview

Last October I hunted Brush Creek Ranch in southern Wyoming. This amazing 13,000-acre ranch is home to deer, elk, antelope, moose, and mountain lions. It also boasts one of the nicest hunting lodges in the U.S. and some of the best accommodations. I was there to hunt deer and photograph the hunting and shooting opportunities on the ranch. You can see some of my photos on the Brush Creek Ranch website and be on the lookout for a full-length article later this year. For now, here’s a sneak preview…

Brush Creek Bombers

What was that? Movement. A fluttering leaf? A dink bird jumping from limb to limb? It was a ways off, but something caught my eye. I shifted my weight silently and stared intently into the leaves. Like an apparition emerging from the clouds, something in front of me and much closer began to take shape. With his nose to the ground, keeping his tall rack as low as possible, a mule deer buck came slinking out of the brush. His Labrador retriever impression may have fooled my guides Jake and Wade, who were pushing the creek bottom, but I watched his entire cunning show.

As he emerged, I mounted my rifle and frantically tried to verify he was the buck from the day before. He was so close that even at 3.5-power I couldn’t see his chest and his rack in the same field of view. I slowly raised the rifle and looked for two distinguishing points—his right brow tine that seemingly swept backwards, and his extra-long G2 on the left. He had them both! Once he cleared the vegetation, he paused, and then lifted and turned his head to check on his pursuers. I settled the crosshairs low on his chest and pressed the trigger. He dropped in his tracks as my jubilant shout chased the rifle report down the creek.

My buck's large track was easy to follow.

My Brush Creek Bomber had a G2 on his left that measured over 19".

After a long chase that started one day and ended the next, I finally finished my hunt for this great mule deer.

Another guest of the ranch, Paul Aeschliman, found this great buck.

From the sage flats down low to the aspen pockets up high, Brush Creek Ranch provides great mule deer habitat.

After your hunt is done, you can try out their awesome sporting clays course.

The ranch also has a private buffalo herd.

The views from Brush Creek Ranch are some of the best in Wyoming.